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Voletarium installed by Kraftwerk LT

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Chimelong Ocean Kingdom 5D Castle Theater


Storytelling is central to human existence, common to every known culture. We want to escape, drive fast, fight dragons, and feel like we’re flying. The possibilities are limitless with Christie® display solutions. Powering theme parks and  media-based attractions all over the world—from flying theaters and dark rides to unique attractions and projection mapping—our technologies help delight guests with awe-inspiring experiences.

Christie can help you design remarkable immersive entertainment experiences from the ground up. We take care of the underlying technology and offer fully customizable top-notch professional services so you can focus on captivating, educating and moving your visitors. And our CounterAct commercial UVC disinfection products with patented Care222® technology are designed to add a layer of defense to your indoor spaces—from the lobby to the auditorium. Put our technology to work in telling your story wherever and however you want and leave them with memories that last a lifetime.

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Unlock the power of color

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TEA THEA Award Technical Innovation

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