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Today’s broadcast sets compete for viewers more than ever before. With social media and online streaming prevalent, viewers have more choices. To design attention-grabbing sets and functional broadcast control rooms, you need to work with a company that understands your needs. Christie® has decades of experience working with the broadcast industry, and our goal is to offer products and solutions that give you the best picture and future-proof your technology investment.

Dead air is annoying to the viewer and it’s the ultimate – expensive – sin for broadcasters who have to ensure their advertiser’s investment in airtime is being fulfilled. A seamless flow of programming from cable and broadcast television networks is critical. Networks use video walls in broadcast control rooms to produce programming, monitor and control television broadcasts, and combine numerous feeds – live, real-time content, file footage, images and explanatory graphics. Constant monitoring of all this information and activity requires video wall solutions that are highly reliable and flexible.

Whether you are looking for video walls that are flat, curved, stacked or wavy, or projectors for staging unique content, we’ve got you covered. Paired with our content management and processing solutions to manage and control your 4K@60Hz content, count on Christie to help drive your content and ratings.

Christie displays, processing and system management technologies have been permanently installed into many of the world’s leading broadcast sets and control rooms with outstanding success, such as at CNN, Global Morning Show and the Colbert Report.

Solutions to captivate your viewers

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