Now all cinemas can convert to digital.

Christie Solaria One delivers an affordable, complete projection solution perfect for screens up to 10.7m (35ft). Building on Christie's unparalleled cinema expertise and 10 million digital screenings worldwide, it delivers 8000 lumens and is the brightest in its class. Welcome to the digital revolution.
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Digital Cinema Solutions

Christie understands the cinema industry

Chasing all over for an integrated cinema solution? Christie® has it. Engage your movie-going audience in a complete cinema experience with captivating sights and sounds in the auditorium and throughout your lobby. Christie offers awe-inspiring projected visuals, immersive audio, dynamic digital displays and the services to keep your theater running smoothly.

What should you expect in a complete cinema experience?

  • Rich audio and visuals
  • Dynamic digital displays
  • Integrated custom designed solutions


The main attraction of your theater is the big screen and Christie has the latest, highest-quality digital cinema projection solutions, lamps and accessories. Choose the right size, brightness, power levels, and accessories to meet your theater’s requirements and to captivate your audience.


Sound is just as important as high-quality visuals for a truly rich and immersive cinema experience. Find out how Christie Vive Audio™ will improve your audience’s audio experience to differentiate your theater from the competition.

Lobby displays

Entice your patrons with eye-catching digital menu boards and dynamic digital box office displays showcasing the latest blockbusters. Our display solutions allow you to offer clear, high-quality HD content throughout your theater.