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Christie Pandoras Box Compact Player | Christie - Audio Visual Solutions
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The Christie® Pandoras Box Compact Player is an extremely versatile hardware-based media player that is small in size but great in performance, reliability and power.

The Compact Player’s Playlist feature makes it easy to play multiple media files in a row without the need of programming separate containers on a timeline sequence.

An unlimited number of Compact Players can be centrally controlled and synchronized via network, using the Pandoras Box Manager Software.

The robust Compact Player was developed for professional 24/7 use and is built using server grade hardware.

Technical Features

  • 1U 1/2 19” rack size
  • Up to 4K playback
  • 4x video layers
  • 2x sequences
  • Unlimited graphics layers
  • Interactive web browser included
  • Control via Javascript possible

Output Channels

  • Dual Output
  • Single Output
  • No Output (hardware only)

Hardware Performance Kit

  • PK1 - SSD 480GB
  • PK2 - SSD 960GB
  • PK3 - SSD 1.9TB

Pandoras Box Software

Register or sign in to (Christie Pandoras Box) to download Pandoras Box Software​ for:

  • Server
  • Player
  • Compact Player
  • Software Player
  • Manager