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Under the Spanish Royal Decree 110/2015 on Electrical and Electronic Equipment and Management of its Waste, for electrical and electronic equipment that you buy from Christie after August 13th 2005, Christie is required to finance the collection, treatment, recycling and recovery once this equipment becomes waste (WEEE).

Christie is a member of a compliance scheme in Spain run by ‘Recyclia‘ which will handle the legal obligations for collecting and recycling WEEE via the European Advanced Recycling Network (EARN).

If you have waste electrical or electronic Christie equipment that you wish to dispose of, EARN can arrange free take-back of your WEEE within Spain.

For further information or to arrange a WEEE collection, please follow the following link and complete the form to make the arrangement with EARN:

WEEE Reporting Recycling Data for Christie Equipment in Spain

​Under Article 11 of Decree 208/2005, Christie must provide annual information of the quantities and categories of electrical and electronic equipment put on the market, reused, recycled and recovered within Spain.