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Anti-COVID technology report: Air quality is here to stay


May 14, 2021

In an interview with Alimarket, Christie’s Marcos Fernandez talks about Christie® CounterAct products with patented Care222® technology, and how they provide an added layer of defense against pathogens.

CounterAct products with Care222 technology offer effective disinfection technology that is safer for use in occupied indoor spaces—from cinemas, theme parks, and casinos to public transportation, businesses, schools, and retail—and adds a layer of defense as part of a multi-disinfection strategy like regular cleaning and washing hands.

Christie CounterAct commercial UV disinfection fixtures contain patented Care222® technology that emits filtered far-UVC 222nm light, designed to neutralize pathogens with people present while meeting established safety guidelines. Care222 is also the world’s first UVC technology with a proprietary optical filter that blocks potentially harmful UVC wavelengths from being emitted.

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