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Christie CP2420-RGB pure laser cinema projector
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With the latest RGB pure laser technology at a low total cost of ownership (TCO), upgrading from our 2K Series 1 and 2 projectors to Christie® CP2420-RGB suddenly makes a lot more sense.

Featuring CineLife+ electronics and Real|Laser illumination technology, the CP2420-RGB excels in image quality, operational lifetime, and overall cost. Its compact, all-in-one form factor doesn’t require external chillers or parts for a seamless installation into any booth. As energy costs continue to rise, this operationally efficient, carbon-conscious system yields real savings on your energy bill.

An engineered standard

Christie RealLaser uses compact, next-generation Multi Laser Pack Devices (MPDs) that achieve never-before-seen breakthroughs in brightness, color reproduction, image uniformity, contrast, and operational lifetime.

Featuring our patented fully sealed optical path, Real|Laser offers exhibitors more than 50,000 hours of optimal performance for unmatched long-term stability and reliability.

Advanced cinema electronics

Projector set-up is quick and easy with the auto-configure feature, the projector’s motorized lens mount, and the newly integrated electronic color convergence (ECC) feature for perfect color alignment.

CineLife+ is compatible with select third-party IMBs, and its wide range of inputs not only supports all existing content formats but futureproofs your investment for years to come. And you can use the CineLife+ RemoteUI to securely control the projector via the web on all popular browsers, eliminating the need for a touch panel controller.

Better for the environment, better for your bottom line

Illumination technology advancements make our RGB pure laser 2K cinema projectors the smartest choice for exhibitors who want to upgrade an aging 2K cinema system. This next generation of Real|Laser projector offers best-in-class operational efficiency for energy savings of up to 16% over the leading competitive model. It also eliminates external chillers, fiber-coupling, lamp replacements, and space concerns when retrofitting an existing booth. This higher, longer-lasting brightness, with less power consumption, means you save more money and achieve lower carbon emissions.

Efficiency and cost of operation

The CP2420-RGB is 16% more efficient than its competitors, producing 12.9 lumens per watt. Lower energy costs reduce the total cost of ownership by 16.5%. 

Efficiency shown as percentage: 16% more efficient than leading competing model in its class

Efficiency shown as percentage: 16% more efficient than leading competing model in its class

Cost shown as percentage: 16.5% lower cost of operation on average than leading competing model in its class

Cost shown as percentage: 16.5% lower cost of operation on average than leading competing model in its class

Key features

  • Improved cinema experience – An expanded color gamut that approaches > 95% of Rec. 2020, with greater brightness and up to 6,000:1 contrast (with a UHC lens)
  • Long-lasting light source – More than 50,000 hours of stable DCI-specified on-screen brightness with 8-10 years of low-maintenance operation
  • Enhanced Wavelength Diversity – Uses multi-wavelength primary color lasers to improve image performance on high-gain screens
  • Unobtrusive installation - Compact, all-in-one form factor with a thermal redesigned cooling system that helps make it 2.5x quieter than its predecessor
  • Ultra-low maintenance – Tool-free filter replacements and fully-sealed optics for protection against dust-ingress
  • Backwards compatibility – Fully-compatible with existing accessories—including the Christie Rack Mount Pedestal and existing cinema lenses—for additional cost-savings
  • Exceptional efficiency – 12.9 lumens/watt for high brightness without high power usage

Rental Mode

Christie CineLife and CineLife+ projectors are now equipped with Rental Mode!

Kevin Draper walks you through the benefits of Rental mode for you, your cinema, and our industry as a whole.

Rental Mode from Christie



Mystique Cinema, for the perfect image every time

Christie Mystique Cinema is an integration kit with auto-calibrating image alignment software and camera that easily aligns the pixels from a single projector – or images from two projectors – within seconds for a completely seamless image on your largest screens.


The Masters of Light - Real|Laser cinema trailer


The Masters of Light

Christie cinema electronics platform


Cinema electronics platforms

Christie CineLife RemoteUI


Christie CineLife+ Remote UI


Up to 20,000 lumens


Up to 6000:1 (UHC lens required)

Contrast ratio

>95% Rec 2020 coverage

Color gamut / number of colors

0.98" Enhanced mDC2K 3-chip DMD DLP Cinema®

Digital micromirror device

2K (2048 x 1080)


>50,000 †

Illumination performance (hrs)

† Subject to variables specific to each installation. Please see Christie's laser best practices guide for more information.

*Typical power consumption. May be impacted by environmental conditions.

‡ Supports legacy Series 2 IMBs. A list of supported versions is available upon request.

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