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Harnessing the power of projection mapping at Vietnam’s latest tech showcase

January 19, 2024

Alta Media sets its sights on championing technical digital transformation

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When Tu Hoang, chief technology officer of Alta Media, began planning the House of Tech showcase event earlier this year, he anticipated a positive response. The hunch was well-founded, considering Vietnam’s impressive real GDP growth of 8.0% in 2022. This robust economic rebound followed the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic in the latter half of 2021.

Buoyed by these inspiring numbers and an increasing interest in AV technology among various market segments, particularly in the events industry, Hoang knew that the time was ripe to organize this innovative, dedicated event to showcase cutting-edge technology.

Alta Media selected five Christie DWU960ST-iS laser projectors for a showstopping projection mapping display on a Christmas tree.

“It serves as a dynamic platform for both technology enthusiasts and industry experts and offers an immersive experience with the latest global tech trends,” he explained. “Our mission is to unveil groundbreaking innovations, drive development, and usher in a new era marked by diverse technological advancements.”

Recognized for its knowledge and expertise in innovative applications, Alta Media was well-positioned to organize the House of Tech showcase at Ho Chi Minh City’s Queen Plaza in November 2023. The digital solutions company had previously staged an experiential event titled “Nebula – The Elemental Lighting Planet” during the Tết holiday in January, and received acclaim for enthralling audiences with stunning visuals using our D20WU-HS laser projectors.

A distinguishing feature of the House of Tech showcase lies in its assembly of the most advanced equipment. According to Hoang, it seamlessly merges science and art to create distinctive elements that transcend typical public gatherings.

“The projection mapping performance, integrated with the Christie Inspire Series projectors, left a lasting impression on attendees. Throughout the performance, the audience marveled at the sharp images, vivid effects.” ~ Tu Hoang

“Unlike standard exhibitions, this event prioritizes experiential engagement, allowing attendees to directly unlock the potential of technology and intimately engage with it. This groundbreaking emphasis on hands-on interaction defines a new era where guests can personally immerse themselves and leaves a lasting and impactful impression,” he said.

Transforming ordinary surfaces into works of art

Among the key highlights of House of Tech was a mesmerizing projection mapping performance on a 3-meter-tall (10-foot-tall) Christmas tree and a massive wall measuring 24 meters (79 feet) wide and 3 meters (10 feet) high, powered by eight Christie® Inspire Series 1DLP® laser projectors.

Hoang, elaborating on why much emphasis was placed on projection mapping, said it's a unique technology trend that intrigues the community. Projection mapping technology transcends conventional space constraints, turns surfaces into canvases, and infuses the entire experience with originality and fresh perspectives.

“Advanced projectors and unique 3D effects can transform ordinary surfaces into works of art. This innovation marks a breakthrough in projection technology, as it immerses audiences in spectacular visuals that leave an unforgettable impression. Projection mapping consistently becomes a creative and distinctive highlight every time it’s discussed.”

Projection mapping on a massive wall measuring 24 meters (79 feet) wide and 3 meters (10 feet) high.

Noting that projection mapping demands superior technical precision, Hoang said the task becomes even more challenging when projecting onto complex surfaces like the giant Christmas tree Alta Media meticulously set up at the venue.

“Thankfully, this arduous task was simplified with the deployment of the Christie DWU960ST-iS laser projectors, which met all our requirements for exceptional image quality, outstanding color reproduction, and high resolution,” said Hoang. “These exceptional capabilities motivated us to collaborate with Christie, opting for the 9,600-lumen DWU960ST-iS fitted with a 0.65-0.75:1 fixed short throw zoom lens to create vivid effects on the Christmas tree.”

Alta Media excels in another fundamental component of projection mapping: the art of content creation. It boasts a specialized team dedicated to content creation and design, and Alta Media consistently showcases its prowess by crafting amazing visuals for various events, complemented by Christie laser projection. Notable examples include The Masked Singer Vietnam and the Dam Sen Park Lake Show. The talents of Alta Media’s content creation team were once again on full display at the House of Tech showcase.

House of Tech poster

Hoang noted that most attendees at the House of Tech showcase showed a keen interest in projection mapping technology. This was particularly evident within the enchanting Christmas theme, which immersed them in the festive atmosphere.

“The projection mapping performance, integrated with the Christie Inspire Series projectors, left a lasting impression on attendees. Throughout the performance, the audience marveled at the sharp images, vivid effects, and the precise synchronization of audiovisual components that delivered a truly memorable experience.”

Exceeding expectations

The two-day event, which included workshops and Q&A sessions, drew hundreds of enthusiastic guests and interest on social media. House of Tech served as a dynamic platform that fostered active participation from numerous businesses and partners who contributed to the event’s success.

"The overwhelming response we received surpassed our expectations, and I’m glad we achieved our primary objective of championing technical digital transformation and propelling advancements in science and technology,” remarked Hoang. “The House of Tech showcase serves as a catalyst for breakthroughs and creativity within the event industry and provides a platform for experts and businesses to forge connections and foster sustainable collaborations.”

Looking ahead, Hoang envisions Alta Media pushing the boundaries of technology by taking on more extensive projects in Vietnam and beyond. He added, “Our goal is to harness modern science in delivering superior products and services, meet diverse customer requirements, and enhance business efficiency for enterprises. We aspire to forge a technology journey, marked by impactful technology events and the creation of a distinctive realm with state-of-the-art equipment.”