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Keep yourself and your cinema healthy

With the uncertainties of COVID-19 we understand that authorities have asked public gatherings be put on temporary hold, having direct impact on many industries including cinema. During this downtime, we hope you and your families are healthy and safe and want to remind you that Christie® is open for business to assist with any problems you may have in this difficult period.

Many theaters are suspending operations for an extended period and we want to remind our exhibition partners that electronic equipment within the cinema still needs to be power cycled occasionally to keep it operational. To keep all your Christie projection equipment ready and fully functioning once audiences are welcomed back, please ensure that you read the documentation below.

Keep your cinema projection equipment healthy


As a reminder, the Christie NOC is available to support during this shut-down period for all your cinema equipment needs. If you need to reach us, please call the NOC support number below corresponding with your region, or contact us on the web at any time.

Contact NOC support

Region Number
North America +1 (877) 334-4267
Germany +49 221 65078811
UK +44 113 868 1089
China +40 0608 6783
France +33 1 86 99 36 48
Australia +61 (18) 0087 0128
Brazil +55 11 4130 3746
India +91 80 09190547
Dubai +971 800 032 0683
Spain +34 919 011 245
Singapore +65 6950 5573