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Cineplex Inc.

Cineplex Inc’s shrewd investment in converting to digital cinema, using Christie exclusively, was a massive undertaking.



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Cineplex Inc.

Digital cinema — a smart investment

When digital cinema technology became available, Paul Nonis, senior vice president, national operations, Cineplex Entertainment, made sure his organization was an early adopter of the new technology.

“Cineplex recognized the possibilities right from the start and invested in digital cinema long before Virtual Print Fee (VPF) financing became available,” states Pat Marshall, vice president of communications and investor relations, Cineplex Entertainment.

The first digital screening for Cineplex took place in 2005. The first all-digital cinema opened in December 2007 in Oakville, Ontario. The company then undertook a full digital cinema conversion in 2008 using Christie® exclusively. Nonis and his team oversaw the transition.



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