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Cleveland Digital Public Library

Capturing the extraordinary stories of ordinary people


United States


Christie multi-touch LCD, video wall

Cleveland Digital Public Library

Christie’s multi-touch LCD video wall helps draw people to the Cleveland Digital Public Library’s third-floor location. Library visitors use the wall to explore the Digital Gallery, display and interact with static and video archival material, show presentations and play games.

“The Cleveland Public Library works to capture the extraordinary stories of ordinary people,” explains Chatham Ewing, CPL’s Digital Library Strategist. “We have a huge amount of material related to the history of Cleveland — from our art collections and all kinds of treasures in our special collections to family photographs and the history of baseball. And maps, lots and lots of maps.”

In an effort to preserve these historical pieces, the Cleveland Digital Public Library — a department within the CPL — digitizes archival material that comes from the city to the library. Their challenge was to find ways to make the digitized material accessible to library users. With the right display technology, they could present the material in a way Ewing describes as “living, dynamic history” rather than “flat, static history.”



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