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G9MD supports medical community

World’s first socially-enabled content sharing platform for hospitals using Christie MicroTiles.

United States


​​MicroTiles ​

G9MD supports development within medical community

G9MD is pursuing their mission to align medical practitioners worldwide through active engagement, making a positive impact on healthcare delivery, performance and quality of life. With their social sharing platform, G9MD is accelerating the pace and scope of knowledgesharing about best practices, allowing doctors to more efficiently and cost-effectively treat patients.​​

A surgeon in Dallas broadcasts shoulder replacement surgery techniques live to thousands of surgeons around the world who are watching on their mobile devices. Labor and delivery nurses in remote locations observe training, and collaborate virtually to accelerate improvements in quality of patient care and safety. A patient support center streams cooking classes worldwide, providing a virtual and interactive support group for those needing assistance with appetite and nutrition while undergoing chemotherapy and radiation.

What started as a simple concept – record physician lectures and procedures, and share them with the medical community – is mushrooming into a high-demand social platform and service, coveted by healthcare systems globally.



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