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“Photo Circuit” Exhibition

Christie MicroTiles stand out at annual arts event in Tokyo

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“Photo Circuit” Exhibition

From the Jomon to the Edo period to the current Heisei period, art has always been important to the advancement of Japanese culture. In every era, the importance of art cannot be overemphasized, as art is inextricably tied to their identity. Art evolves as people’s tastes, preferences and lifestyles evolve.

It is with this philosophy that Roppongi, a seemingly quiet district in midtown Tokyo, has developed a strong sense of identity. Since 2009, Roppongi is brought to life every year with art exhibits springing up at every corner. Constructed in a way to encourage visitors to cross paths with each other and learn the ways of others, this year, artistic director Katsuhiko Hibino transformed the entire town into a highly interactive display. Borrowing a line from one of the earliest works of Japanese literature by Sei Shonagon, this year’s theme Haru wa Akebono leans heavily toward new media and technologies.



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