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University of Waterloo-Stratford

A stunning Christie MicroTiles display

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MicroTiles, Media Management, Spyder 1608 video processor & JumpStart Software, FHD551-X LCD 55"

University of Waterloo - Stratford

When the University of Waterloo broke ground on their brand new Stratford Campus, they knew they wanted the finished product to make a bold statement. That’s where Christie® MicroTiles® came in — 150 of them to be exact — forming the stunning centerpiece of the Stratford Campus’ atrium in a three-story-high digital video wall. This high-resolution Christie MicroTiles lobby display wall serves as a showcase for student content, highlighting creative accomplishments and providing a unique canvas for digital media research.

The new University of Waterloo Stratford Campus brings together technology, business and art, with a focus on advanced education in the rapidly growing field of digital media. Working with Christie, they’ve applied innovative visual solutions to meet the needs of this one-of-a-kind campus. With several Christie products installed throughout the building, the Stratford Campus looks to unleash the creative minds of their students and establish an atmosphere that helps to drive new ideas for commercialization.

“ It’s a jaw-dropper. When people enter the lobby and see the wall, it’s lovely to see their reactions. And when you drive by, we actually have traffic slow down to see what’s happening on the wall.” 
Ginny Dybenko 
Executive Director, University of Waterloo Stratford Campus



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