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York University

York U conducts vision research using the world’s first EGG system



Christie EGG visualization system, Mi​rage WU-L

York University

York University has extended its research capabilities in studying how visual stimuli influence a person’s interactions with the world around them. By incorporating the Christie® EGG visualization system into their research practices, they have the flexibility to quickly change a subject’s visual environment and easily track their reactions to difference experiences.​​

If you lose your sense of vision, how do you compensate with other senses? What about reacting to unusual environments such as deep space or deep water? How does your vision give you information that equips you to function within different and constantly changing environments? These are some of the questions that the Centre for Vision Research at Canada’s York University seeks to address.

York U’s interdisciplinary, collaborative approach to research brings together academics concentrating on all aspects of vision science. Professor Laurence Harris, Department of Psychology, is the Director of the Centre for Vision Research. Professor Harris explains their team’s focus, “We’re interested in understanding the sensory information we receive from the outside world, and how these senses combine to produce the best estimates of what’s going on in the outside world. In particular, we are focused on the vestibular system – it tells us about our balance and motion in the world.



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