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Estimating optimal viewing distance and display size

Christie® Velvet™ indoor LED tiles offer brilliant, high-brightness, high-definition visuals. At the optimal viewing distance and display size, images appear seamless and at the highest-possible quality.

How to estimate optimal viewing distance

To estimate the optimal viewing distance, all you need to know is an LED display’s 'pixel pitch'—the shortest distance from the center of one pixel to the center of the next—and this simple calculation:

Optimal viewing distance (in feet) = Pixel pitch x 8

Let’s calculate estimated optimal viewing distances for Christie Velvet™ LED display tiles, available in four different pixel pitches:

Christie Velvet LED display
pixel pitch
Optimal viewing distance:
Pixel pitch x 8
Optimal viewing distance
from LED display: (approximate)
1.9mm 1.9 x 8 15 feet
2.5mm 2.5 x 8 20 feet
3mm 3 x 8 24 feet
4mm 4 x 8 32 feet

*To calculate optimal viewing distance in meters instead of feet, the formula is pixel pitch x 2.5.

How to estimate optimal display size

Modular, built-to-order Christie Velvet LED display tiles can be configured into virtually any size and shape. Beyond considering the size of your space, how do you estimate the optimal size of your display? As with viewing distances, estimating optimal display size is largely based on pixel pitch. Essentially, larger pixel pitches equal larger recommended display sizes, and vice versa.

This chart recommends display sizes to achieve 1920 x 1080 resolution: