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Cinema service programs

Programs to keep your cinema systems running smoothly, and affordably

Whatever your theatre needs, we’re here for you. We build innovative, leading-edge cinema solutions, and we stand behind them with services to help manage every screen and keep systems working flawlessly.

Check out our latest service programs below. When you’re ready to learn more, contact us. A cinema service expert will follow-up to discuss the programs that will meet your needs.

cinema laser module cleaning and repair brochure

Cinema laser module cleaning & repair services

Restore perceived onscreen brightness and improve your audience’s visual experience. Return a dirty laser module for cleaning to one of our ISO 6 clean rooms. We’ll clean each optical surface and component before reassembling the laser module and performing a final inspection of the unit.

Projector light engine services

Reduce your total cost of ownership and maximize illumination efficiency by proactively cleaning your light engine. Return a dirty light engine to one of our Class 1000 cleanroom locations. We’ll clean each optical surface and component before reassembling the light engine and performing a final inspection of the unit.

cinema projector light engine service brochure
out-of-warranty repair program brochure

Out-of-warranty repair program for service parts

Returning parts for repair can often be a more efficient, sustainable, and budget-friendly alternative to purchasing a replacement. We’re expanding our repair services to include many service parts. We created this repair program to save you time and money — and help keep your cinema up and running.

Parts return credit program

Do you own Christie® Series 1 and Series 2 projectors that are idling or out of operation? You can return specific components for credit! Regardless of the operational condition of the parts, we’ll give you credit, including parts to be disposed of or out-of-warranty for repair. And the best part is -– you can use the credit when you want, how you want!

cinema parts return credit program brochure

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