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Christie and Powersoft team up, shaping cinematic soundwaves for years to come.

We always strive to offer our partners and customers the best-possible performance, reliability, and value. So, we're adding a range of professional high-end amplifiers from innovative audio leader Powersoft® to complement our advanced line array cinema loudspeakers to make the Christie Vive Audio® experience even better.

The power of Powersoft

Powersoft has been leading the audio industry since 1995. They mastered the Class-D amplifier design to hit never-before-heard power levels. Since then, Powersoft has become world-renowned and synonymous with the power of sound. We are delighted to join forces with them in driving the human audio experience.

An epic combination with seamless integration

Drawing from their truly pioneering developments, Powersoft’s Duecanali and Quattrocanali amplifiers offer amazing sound quality and pair exceptionally well with our Vive Audio loudspeakers.

Powersoft amplifiers are ready to integrate seamlessly with your Vive Audio system and make running your theatre sound easier than ever.

Cutting edge design across brands

Featuring the latest advances in switched-mode technology, Class-D design, and high-power capabilities, these class-leading, energy-efficient amplifiers also feature numerous developments including Smart Rail Management technology that helps lower overall power consumption in a compact design.

These amplifiers allow for digital gain-attenuator control, remote on and off switches, and built-in protection to prevent power spikes and short circuits, giving you peace of mind for this investment. Combined with Vive Audio line array speakers, these 2 innovative designs work together to deliver the optimum experience to every seat in the house.

Digital Signal Processing + Dante = DSP+D

Quattrocanali and Duecanali DSP+D are designed to operate with Lo-Z (from 2 Ω) and 70V/100V distributed lines or any mix of the two. DSP+D versions of the Quattrocanali grant in-depth control and monitoring via ArmoníaPlus. Tailoring the sound and managing the system can be done by a remote, decentralized location.

A fully integrated state-of-the-art DSP yields extensive system management functionality. In addition to sound-shaping and limiter functions, DSP hardware and ArmoníaPlus software comply with IEC 60849 for crucial sound system requirements for emergency purposes.

Learn more about DSP through Powersoft

Powersoft amplifiers and product numbers

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Quattrocanali 4804 DSP+D 145-040116-XX
Quattrocanali 4804 DSP+ 145-041117-XX
Quattrocanali 4804 DSP 145-042118-XX
Quattrocanali 2404 DSP+D 145-043119-XX
Quattrocanali 2404 DSP+ 145-044110-XX
Quattrocanali 2404 DSP 145-045111-XX
Quattrocanali 1204 DSP+D 145-046112-XX
Quattrocanali 1204 DSP+ 145-047113-XX
Quattrocanali 1204 DSP 145-048114-XX
Duecanali 4804 DSP+D 145-049115-XX
Duecanali 4804 DSP+ 145-050117-XX
Duecanali 4804 DSP 145-051118-XX

Power up your audio

Christie and Powersoft team up to provide CDA products from Powersoft that fit perfectly with Christie Vive Audio equipment. The Quattrocanali and Duecanali series Class D amplifiers add new functionality and ease-of-use options for your Vive Audio line array speakers.

Quattrocanali 1204 (Bridge mode)


  • 600 at 8ohm
  • 800 at 4ohm

Christie Vive CDA cross-reference:

  • CDA2
  • CDA3

Quattrocanali 2404 (Bridge mode)


  • 1200 at 8ohm
  • 1600 at 4ohm

Christie Vive CDA cross-reference:

  • CDA5

Duecanali 4804


  • 1250 at 8ohm
  • 1600 at 4ohm

Christie Vive CDA cross-reference:

  • CDA7.5

Key features

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Quattrocanali only