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Christie Digital Christie Digital
S118Lp low profile subwoofer
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Christie subwoofers employ high-performance driver components and feature an advanced cabinet design which is heavily cross-braced and tuned with EBS (Extended Bass Shelf). This allows Christie subwoofers to deliver powerful, deep bass with minimal distortion and power compression for extremely high output levels and extended low frequency response. Matching the high-performance capabities of the rest of the Christie Vive Audio solution, these cinema subwoofers produce the deep and impactful bass throughout the entire auditorium.


  • High cubic displacement cabinet, heavily cross-braced, vented and tuned
  • Each driver has a discre​te, vented internal enclosure, for optimal performance
  • Extra large vent area with rounded edges for minimal air turbulence noise


System type

  • Subwoofer, ported enclosure, with EBS (Extended Bass Shelf) tuning

Driver components

  • 18" low frequency driver with dual 4" voice coils and long linear excursion


  • External active electronic bandpass filter is required for proper operation
  • High pass: Butterworth 24dB/octave @ 20Hz
  • Low pass: Bessel 24dB/octave @ 250Hz

Frequency response*

  • 20-250Hz @ -10dB • 24-200Hz @ -6dB

Maximum SPL **, ***

  • 127.5dB SPL continuous • 139.5dB SPL peak

Sensitivity*, 1W/1m

  • 97.5dB (40-150Hz)

*Rated for free space conditions at 1m.  Measured at 2m, ground plane conditions, with value calculated for free space conditions at 1m.

**AES refers to AES2-2012 standard. Pink noise with 6dB crest factor at 1m. Max continuous SPL calculated based on sensitivity and AES power handling.

***IEC refers to IEC 60268-5 standard. IEC pink noise with 9dB peak factor. Maximum peak SPL calculated using peak voltage during IEC short-term power test.