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Christie Vive Audio - Subwoofers

Christie subwoofers employ high-performance driver components and feature an advanced cabinet design that's heavily cross-braced and tuned with EBS (Extended Bass Shelf). The result is clear, powerful bass with minimal distortion and power compression for extremely high output levels and extended low-frequency response. Matching the high-performance capabilities of the rest of the Christie Vive Audio® solution, these cinema subwoofers produce deep and impactful bass throughout the entire auditorium.

Key features

  • Easy to integrate – low profile, low-light reflective enclosure allows for discreet placement in any auditorium
  • Better sounding bass – tightly controlled and powerful bass with low distortion for accurate low frequency reproduction
  • Exceptional acoustics – each driver has a discrete, internal ported enclosure that's extra large
  • Cleaner listening – heavily cross-braced for minimal enclosure resonance
  • Powerfully efficient – Reduces the number of subwoofers that systems require.