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As an exhibitor, you need to manage your content files, playlists, automation cues, Key Delivery Messages (KDMs) and hardware diagnostics, ensuring each screen in your fully-digital multiplex shows what you want, when you want it. Christie® Avias-TMS™ Theater Management System helps by providing simple and efficient centralized management of a multiplex’s entire projection operation.

Through a user-friendly Web interface, you can create and schedule screen playlists with easy drag-and-drop functionality, monitor the status of all your screens and manage your KDMs from a single location. Christie Avias-TMS is OS and hardware neutral and fully supports any DCI-compliant projectors and servers1, which allows Christie Avias-TMS to be integrated seamlessly into your existing theater system setup. Christie Avias-TMS provides a rich Application Program Interface (API) for point-of-sale integration of automatic schedule creation software within the TMS, reducing the time and energy needed to maintain two different systems.

With Christie Avias-TMS, you can easily manage your content from one location and be sure it will show on time and without interruption.

Playback monitoring

  • Use the dashboard interface to see the projector and screen status, what’s showing on each screen and the overall progress of each playlist playback for each screen in your multiplex.
  • Monitor and display projector status such as operational status, lamp life and dowser position.
  • Proactive, playback issue reporting communicates expiring KDMs, overlapping schedules, playlists with problematic content or missing KDMs – all issues that would stop a show.

Centralized control

  • Centralized playlist creation gives you the ability to build a playlist once and push it to any screen server, anytime.
  • Remotely start, stop or pause any show on any screen from one location.
  • Easy and efficient content transfer to and from the library server, or directly between screen servers regardless of the server brand. All content within the playlist will automatically transfer to the screen server based on the schedule and playlist.
  • Configurable control of automation cues and full integration into playlist building.
  • Preshow and advertising pack support for quick and efficient playlist building.
  • Point-of-sale integration for automated schedule creation.

Content management

  • Easily ingest and manage the content in your Library Management System (LMS) and in each individual player server in the complex, with color-coded content types, detailed file information, and drag-and-drop functionality.
  • Seamlessly manage multiple library servers in the same multiplex.
  • Support for automated ingesting of electronically delivered content, which is then available for playlist building without user intervention.

Playlist creation and scheduling

  • Drag-and-drop playlist and schedule creation with easily identifiable color-coded content types.
  • Build playlists from all the content in your LMS (e.g. feature films, advertising, trailers  etc.) complete with automation cues for each of your screens. 
  • Build your playlists in advance and schedule them to start at specific times.



Christie® Avias-TMS™ Theater Management | 108-427104-XX
Christie® Avias-TMS™ Theater Management | 108-427104-XX
Christie® Avias-TMS™ Theater Management | 108-427104-XX
Christie® Avias-TMS™ Theater Management | 108-427104-XX
Christie® Avias-TMS™ Theater Management | 108-427104-XX
Christie® Avias-TMS™ Theater Management | 108-427104-XX