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Christie Hedra Pro-KVM Video wall processor
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Whether it’s mission-critical operations or monitoring feeds for a broadcast, your team needs to securely display, arrange, and operate multiple sources to make quick, informed decisions.  

Christie Hedra Pro-KVM is a versatile video wall processor that gives you real-time access to your data that you can control from virtually anywhere for seamless collaboration and sharing of critical information so you can make those decisions.  

Hedra Pro-KVM allows you to flexibly arrange, view, and manage 18 inputs, sources, and streams with a secure, latency-free operation on video walls up to 32MP.   

Key features

  • Secure: Robust, TAA-compliant Linux-based embedded hardware system
  • Responsive: Real-time architecture with ultra-low latency
  • Hardware scaling with bilinear filter for the best video quality
  • User-friendly on-screen administration, API for remote control, and touch panel support
  • Up to 18 inputs to arrange, combine, and transmit video sources to up to four UHD displays
  • Supports UHD input signals
  • Support for video walls in configurations up to 4 x 4 or 8 x 2 and 32MP 
  • KVM support: 14 × USB Type B keyboard, video, and mouse interface to operate up to 14 sources
  • Fully integrated KVM functionality for multiple users
  • Freestyle Mode: Allows inputs to be freely overlapped, scaled, and positioned 
  • Reliable with power redundancy capabilities for 24/7 operation
  • Versatile hybrid functionality: supports HDMI sources as well as IP-based signals


What could you do with a control-room-in-a-box? Explore Christie Hedra with Bill Zhu



Physical inputs

  • 18 x HDMI
  • 2 x UHD @ 60 Hz
  • 6 x UHD @ 30 Hz
  • 10 x HD @ 60 Hz

Virtual inputs

  • 5 (RTSP, NDI, pictures, text, video files)

Physical outputs

  • 6 x mini Display Port 1.2

Supported resolutions

  • Up to 3840x2160 at 60 Hz

Max video output

  • 32MP

Supported streaming protocols

  • RTSP (h.264)
  • WebRTC (h.264)
  • YouTube (encrypted)
  • NDI
  • RTSP HEVC (h.265/HEVC)