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Electronics platforms

Others make electronics, but few understand the needs of cinema and ProAV projection the way Christie® does. That’s why we created our own proprietary electronics platforms: Christie CineLife+ and TruLife+.

Our electronics platforms are part of our history of industry-leading IP developments. From Christie BoldColor technology to Twist to Real|Laser illumination technology, we’re always looking for ways to innovate and improve AV technology.

Designed and developed by Christie, CineLife+ and TruLife+ electronics platforms are another example of how we’re constantly innovating. We developed the CineLife and TruLife proprietary platforms to go beyond the industry standard for all our projectors. With the development of TruLife in 2010, we were first-to-market with the ability to deliver 2K at 120Hz. Our continued innovation meant we were also the first in the industry to support 4K and achieve native 4K at 120Hz at 1.2gps (gigapixels per second).

And while those platform innovations were a game-changer, we’re not one to rest on our laurels! That’s why we developed CineLife+ and TruLife+, giving customers all-in connectivity–meaning no more optional input cards! Now you get all the advanced inputs you need on board, along with our newest features: LiteLOC and Electronic Color Convergence (ECC).

Our commitment to innovation means you get the resolution, bandwidth, processing speed, calibration, and control you need to create the best experiences for your audiences. Want to know more? Check out each of our electronics platforms to learn what they can do for you.

Ultra-stable. Ultra-fast. Ultra-smooth.

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