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TruLife – Beyond the standard in ProAV

Our image processing technology has always been market-leading. And we continue to go beyond the standard with Christie TruLife® and TruLife+® electronics platforms as the basis for all our 3DLP® projectors. Our platforms deliver high resolution and high frame rate video with unprecedented image fidelity, giving you the detail and visual speed you want for the best audience experience.

TruLife’s proprietary floating-point architecture supports a video-processing pipeline of up to 1.2 Gpx/s (Gigapixels per second), enabling native 4K at 120 Hz performance. The exclusive design of TruLife delivers lifelike visuals your audience wants by alleviating image blur that often accompanies fast-motion immersive projection environments.

True all-in-one connectivity with TruLife+

Our engineers were feeling generous when they designed TruLife+ because they built in all the advanced inputs you need for your Christie 3DLP® ProAV projectors.

With all the inputs on board, it’s easy to switch whenever necessary. We eliminated the hassle of option cards, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing or misplacing input cards. This means no more arriving onsite and discovering the projector’s missing an input card!

With Web UI connectivity, you can access all projector menus and controls and monitor your projector’s health from your computer via ethernet.

What’s on board?

We really did think of everything when we designed TruLife+! You get:

Featuring electronic color convergence via remote control

Our state-of-the-art TruLife+ electronics platform features our new electronic color convergence (ECC). ECC makes converging color super easy and eliminates small lens artifacts. Whether hung from the ceiling or truss-mounted, you can digitally adjust the red, green, or blue individually via remote control.

All the frame rates you need

Your Christie 3DLP ProAV projector processes and displays ultra-realistic video up to 4K at 120Hz and 4K 3D at 60Hz per eye with the Mirage option. Add the Mirage Pro option, and you can display 2K at 240-480Hz and view multiple sources on the same screen simultaneously with Christie View.

Warping and blending

TruLife includes built-in proprietary Christie Twist high-performance warping and blending and enables the use of Christie Mystique camera-based alignment software.

Go beyond the standard

Thanks to automated setup, increased connectivity, and ‘smart’ control features, TruLife and TruLife+ electronics enable innovative user experiences. Whether it’s a live show, spectacular projection mapping, or collaborative/augmented reality, TruLife electronics lets you do more with our 3DLP projectors.

Do more with TruLife and TruLife+

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