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Software Defined Video over Ethernet (SDVoE)

Current state of AV distribution

The demands on today’s professional AV systems increasingly exceed the performance, scalability and budgetary limits that are possible using standard approaches. Building an environment that offers the uncompressed, seamless transmission of AV signals can be messy, complicated and expensive. As 4K resolution becomes more prevalent in the industry, the expectations placed on AV systems have increased.

Despite advances in source, processing and display technologies, system designers continually face the daily challenges of competing signal compatibility routed through complex, proprietary monolithic systems. This issue is compounded with demands to keep costs low. These traditional methods limit the potential scale, scope and user-experience of what is possible in terms of AV system architecture and performance.

A new approach is needed. An approach that will serve the proAV industry into the future with a standardized platform that provides an affordable solution enabling the networked delivery and processing of zero-frame latency, artifact-free video content over IP networks for an uncompromised visual experience. Acknowledging this need, Christie® has committed to reinforcing Software Defined Video over Ethernet (SDVoE) as this preferred approach.

Christie Terra workflow diagram


Video-over-Ethernet. AV-over-IP. Ethernet-based AV.

Whatever you call it, the transmission and processing of audiovisual content over IP and Ethernet networks is poised to disrupt AV distribution. Using mature, low-cost, off-the-shelf 10G Ethernet components, system designers are able to create limitless networks capable of transporting and processing virtually uncompressed, zero-frame latency, artifact-free video content.

This shift marks the beginning of an entirely new way of working that streamlines, enhances and improves AV distribution, processing and management in ways that have never before been possible.

Christie Terra SDVoE products

With Christie Terra, you can design and integrate feature-rich SDVoE systems that deliver quality and performance. Discover Terra's expanding line-up of transmitters, receivers, processing and control hardware and software.

Christie Terra and Pandoras Box

Christie Pandoras Box hardware blends perfectly into Terra systems and is remote controlled from the Terra controller.

Access virtually unlimited sources in the network by using uncompressed SDVoE video inputs with the optional Terra input card for Pandoras Box hardware.

You can also directly connect to remote cameras and share content from smartphones, Adobe After Effects, Notch, Unreal, Unity, and many other sources.

SDVoE Alliance + Christie

As promising as recent AV distribution solutions, such as HDBaseT, appear to be, they represent a mishmash of expensive proprietary approaches that oftentimes fail to achieve the system simplicity and usability required by the proAV industry and its customers. More recent AV-over-IP streaming approaches on 1 gigabit networks are mostly proprietary and suffer from image artifacts and latency and have not advanced the industry adoption of AV-over-IP. The time for a standardized approach that delivers reliability and interoperability while meeting the application requirements, performance and image quality expectations of the user is now.

The SDVoE Alliance is a non-profit consortium comprising more than 40 member companies with a shared mandate to standardize the delivery of AV-over-IP networks. As a founding member of the Alliance, Christie is committed to the design and manufacture of SDVoE-compliant products and solutions engineered to enable complete AV-over-IP network environments.

Uncompromised AV-over-IP experience

Uncompromised AV-over-IP experience

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