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Environmental management

Christie global locations have adopted forms of an EMS. The target is to have formal programs rolled out in all locations by 2020.

Environmental management

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​In 2007, Christie offices in both Canada and the United States implemented an EMS based on ISO 140001:2004 and became ISO14001:2004 ​registered and updated both registrations to ISO14001:2015 in 2017. Christie global locations have adopted forms of an EMS program onsite.


Managing environmental i​mpact

When completed in 2020, the EAP will have accomplished Ushio’s environmental vision of becoming a low-carbon, recycling-orientated and biodiversity-preserving company globally.


Sustainability report

Ushio’s annual sustainability report covers all Ushio business sites and group companies worldwide, including Christie Canada and USA.


The Christie EMS is a structured framework used to manage the company’s significant environmental impacts.


The EMS helps Christie to:

  • understand how its processes and products affect the environment and how to manage the effects

  • continuously improve on its environmental performance – both limiting negative outcomes and improving resource efficiency, and

  • engage employees, customers, internal and external parties and other external stakeholders to understand the organization’s environmental goals and activities.


The EMS is designed to:

  • prevent pollution

  • protect the environment

  • meet compliance obligations

  • adhere to corporate and organizational objectives

  • achieve continual improvement, and

  • reduce environmental operating costs.