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Caring for our planet

10 years of continual improvement. 10 years of positive results.


How does a technology manufacturer improve their carbon footprint and environmental impact? For Christie®, the answer has been through dedication, patience and some out-of-the-box thinking.

Under former CEO Jack Kline's leadership, Christie created a vision – and that vision was to really take care of the planet, to reduce waste and to constantly improve what we're doing in order to preserve the environment. As Christie moves forward in leadership and new technology, the vision is still to remain a leader in sustainability stewardship.

Since Christie’s Environmental Management System (EMS) program launched, the company has made some significant strides toward reducing waste, leveraging renewable energy sources, engaging employees in environmental initiatives, and much more.

We continue to identify and develop new opportunities to improve our system. Christie invites you to learn more about the efforts it’s making to preserve the environment one day at a time.

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EMS Policy

We recognize our responsibility to control impacts to the environment from our business activities, products and services.

We are fully committed to environmentally friendly solutions for current and future generations that meet our compliance obligations, objectives and other requirements to which the organization subscribes.

As an industry leader, we are committed to protection of the environment including prevention of pollution and other related commitments relevant to the context of the organization. We are committed to enhancing the performance of our environmental management system through continual improvement activities.

Our EMS Policy is shared among Christie sites.

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