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How far-UVC light can help attractions battle COVID-19


February 09, 2021

New far-UVC light technology could be a game-changer for the attractions industry.

Far-UVC, a type of ultraviolet light, has the unique ability to significantly reduce pathogens and may be used around people. Clearly, this has huge implications for visitor attractions which have been hard hit by the pandemic. It’s also capable of addressing new viruses and “superbugs” in the future.

Far-UVC light disinfection technology could be instrumental in reopening visitor attractions by enabling operators to add an extra layer of defense against COVID-19 in their indoor venues, even when people are present.

Learn more about this in the live discussion, hosted by Blooloop, with subject matter speakers Martin Howe, founder and CEO of Human 2.0 and Teq4, and Brent Peckover, director of industrial applications, Christie.

In this recorded session, Martin and Brent cover:

  • The basics of far-UVC light
  • Key differences from UV light
  • How far-UVC can play a key role in reopening attractions
  • Current safety regulations and progress on updating for far-UVC
  • Where the technology is headed and future-proofing venues

Here’s what a registrant has to say during the live discussion, "Great overview, thank you to the presenters for showcasing this new technology! I agree it seems like a great tool in the toolkit to get open sooner and safely!"

Watch this on-demand webinar

Watch the webinar