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Autocalibration for creating 2D/3D displays

November 23, 2022

Christie's research department, Christie Labs, has a history of creating solutions for new projection concepts. Additionally, it has a long history working with the University of Waterloo’s Vision and Image Processing (VIP) Lab in Systems Design Engineering.

Lotte World - Photo courtesy of: d'strict
GLOW - Photo courtesy of: Sahara Benelux
A visual display is generated from the projected light of a 2D rendering onto a 3D surface. A pixel coordinate (u, v) in the 2D projector image is mapped to a 3D coordinate (x, y, z) on the display surface.
Wolf's head - unaligned
Wolf's head - aligned

This partnership is what has led Christie’s autocalibration software Mystique to handle challenges beyond any other projector-alignment solution. 

“Christie is a well-known provider of projectors and projection solutions that produce brilliantly colorful displays. Through its Pandoras Box content management and Mystique alignment systems, it supplies a unique end-to-end solution to customers who wish to make new and engaging display experiences for any venue.”

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