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Multi-projector arrays, projection mapping and complex screen shapes and surfaces   require expert image configuration, alignment, warping and blending – processes that can take hours of painstaking work. Christie® Mystique is an automated camera-based alignment and recalibration solution that lets you quickly install, align, calibrate and maintain multi-projection systems.

Product compatibility

Christie projectors

With a broad choice of compatible projectors, it’s possible to specify a Christie Mystique solution for a wide variety of applications and budgets. The following Christie Twist-enabled projectors support Mystique:

Christie Pandoras Box

Christie Mystique1 integrates directly with Christie Pandoras Box® Version 6, enabling automated camera-based alignment and calibration for large-scale projections, regardless of the projector you use.

Camera​​s, proje​ctors, scree​​ns, support



E​ssentials Edition 

Pro Venue Edition 

Premium Edition ​​​

Large Scale Experience​ Edition 

​Number of cameras

1 webcam*
(not supplied)





Number of projectors 

Up to 3 Christie projectors in a horizontal array**





Supported screen or surface shapes 

Flat only

Flat only

Flat and cylindrical

Flat, curved and custom-shaped screens and surfaces, including domes*****

Flat, curved and custom-shaped screens and surfaces, including domes, buildings and objects*****

Christie Pandoras Box support   

 Recalibration features  




Manual recalibration (camera-based)



Automatic recalibration (camera-based)   


Automatic recalibration (screen markers)   



Christie Guardian   





Christie Mystique® Operate   

Content layout modes    

Wallpaper (basic)                                  


Wallpaper (advanced)



Fields of view




Fields of view (collimated)




Projector centric





UV map





  Additi​​​​onal features 

Alignment for surfaces with fixed markings



Alignment for 3D projection mapping





Rear-projection support


Dual-screen mode






1Our Mystique Lite software can only be used with Christie proejctors.
* Supported webcams: Logitech c920 and Logitech c920s
** Warping and blending only. No stacking.
     Supported projectors: Current Christie HS Series 1DLP projectors, Boxer Series, Crimson Series, 4K40-RGB series, Griffyn 4K32-RGB, and current Mirage Series projectors, except M Series models.
*** Supports up to 12 projectors in a 2 high x 3 wide configuration, double-stacked
**** Number of projectors limited by capable resolution of the single camera
***** Screens include primitive shapes including flat, curved or dome shapes, or by importing a screen model. Custom screen shapes should be smooth, continuous screens 

Christie Mystique

Christie Mystique

Automated camera-based alignment software

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