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Cleveland Museum of Art

Christie MicroTiles and the Christie Interactivity Kit make their mark at the Cleveland Museum of Art

Zenith Systems

United States

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Christie MicroTiles, Christie Interactivity Kit

Cleveland Museum of Art

Recently unveiled at the Cleveland Museum of Art, Gallery One blends art and technology to inspire visitors of all ages and enhance the art museum experience. The show-stopping centerpiece inside Gallery One is the Collection Wall — a 40-ft wide, 5-ft high interactive digital display wall made up of 150 Christie® MicroTiles®

Equipped with a Christie Interactivity Kit, the Collection Wall helps visitors find the artwork they’d like to see and can be used by up to 16 people at once. Guests can choose pre-loaded tours or create their own by choosing from the thousands of art pieces in the museum’s collection. Tours can then be saved onto a personal iPad® or one borrowed from the museum. Using the museum’s ArtLens app, the iPad serves as a guide, taking guests on personalized tours of the different galleries. 

"It’s such a spectacular visual element that is part of the architecture… it has this beautiful way of moving art around to make it look very attractive. It’s becoming very much the iconic symbol of this gallery, if not the whole technology piece of the museum." Doug Fortney, Consultant at Zenith Systems



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