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Lights on for mine rescue training

Christie Mirage WU12K-M WUXGA DLP projectors create a 360-degree immersive environment of mining tunnel to train mine rescuers.

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Christie Mirage WU12K-M projectors

Lights on for mine rescue training

With a rich history tracing to as early as the 1840s, mining is a significant contributor to the Australian economy. Besides the economic value of the natural resources, there also lies risks of mining underground. With an excellent record of minimal mining accidents, Australia lives up to its reputation as a country that has a strong commitment to mine rescue training.

A key witness is Mines Rescue NSW, a subsidiary of Coal Services Pty Ltd, that dedicates its resources for almost 90 years to provide underground incident response and training to ensure the highest quality standards. Incepted in 1926, Mines Rescue started off as a research center with a mock-up mine for training purpose. In 1985, it expanded to include industry training for new starters into the industry as well as refresher training, statutory official training and crack mine rescue team training.

Recognizing the importance of simulation training, Mines Rescue’s Newcastle center incorporated the most advanced real world Virtual Reality (VR) facilities using state of the art VR Platforms comprising Domes, Curved Screen and 360-degree 3D Theater. Its journey in virtual reality started with just a flat screen before converting to a curved screen in 2005. In 2007, the curved screen extended to become a 360-degree theater. The Virtual Reality facilities combine with classroom activity and practical training completes the full training system.



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