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InAVation Awards 2014 Winner

Advanced technical implementation provided by ART Polymedia with Christie projectors wins at the international InAVation Awards

ART Polymedia


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Roadster HD18K, Roadster HD20K, Spyder X20

InAVation Awards 2014 Winner

The Moscow International Forum of Innovative Development “Open Innovations 2012” was held at the Central Exhibition Fairgrounds «Expocentre» in November 2012. It was dedicated to high technologies and prospects of international cooperation in innovation; very apt then, that ART Polymedia used Christie’s Roadster projectors and Spyder processor to link video over numerous rooms in a project with technical challenges of its own.

The Forum was organised by leading Russian development institutions and the Government of Moscow, with the support of the Government of the Russian Federation. It is an incredibly high-profile event that brings together representatives of business, policy, science and education to gain a holistic perspective, exchange ideas and to grasp today’s critical global innovation trends. Those invited to participate in the Forum were Dmitriy Medvedev, Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation, Sergei Sobyanin, Mayor of Moscow, as well as more than 300 leading Russian and foreign innovation development experts, including Sir Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group, John Gage, co-founder of Sun Microsystems.

In 2012, the Open Innovations Forum was visited by over 5,000 people from 42 regions of Russia and 38 countries from around the world. In total, during the Forum, there were over 150 events held within the framework of the official, special and youth programme that were attended by over 700 speakers from 39 countries of the world.

ART Polymedia was the official Forum video equipment supplier. They equipped 19 areas – Plenary Meeting room, 16 conference rooms, press room and three exhibition booths. The main challenges of the project were the tight time frame and the need for coordinating the video installation in 19 areas of the Forum, running parallel with the work of other suppliers.

With a capacity for 2,000 people, the Plenary room became the main Forum area. As part of the solution implemented for information visualisation, 16 3-chip Christie Roadster HD18K and Roadster HD20K-J DLP HD projectors (with a brightness of 18 000 and 20 000 ANSI lumens respectively) were installed by ART Polymedia engineers in this pavilion. With their help, a panoramic image was projected onto the surfaces of various geometric shapes with a total area of 400 square meters. Fibre optic cables were used to output video signals to the projectors, and these were duplicated in case of any breaks. A high resolution mesh screen, with 12mm pixel pitch, covered with backlit banner to soften the pixellation, was also installed.

To optimise the high resolution screen, create and control in real-time several scalable windows, mount and title video, playback presentations and digital 4k videos located on the external devices, the control desk was equipped with a Spyder X20-1608 video processor, Catalyst media server and Panasonic video mixer.

Sixteen conference rooms were equipped with 6,500 ANSI lumens projectors and Extron video switchers. Plasma panels were installed for the speakers on stage; these were set on tilt floor stands for comfortable viewing of the information displayed. The entrance to each conference room was equipped with full HD 47” LCD display, which output the room's agenda. Two seamless 46” LCD video walls were installed on the stage in the press room, for broadcasting events from the Plenary room and presentation demonstrations.

"We have been using large scale video projections from Christie for a long time in order to deliver our project solutions. We need top class performance, reliability and high quality standards, which is why we value Christie. In complex sophisticated projects which are carried out by our company this equipment is an important element of success, and we are pleased that the InAVAte Awards jury appreciated our professionalism," commented Victoria Schechka, ART Polymedia’s General Manager.

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