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Les Cinémas Ciné Entreprises

The lobby of the Cinéma Elysée invites visitors to leave their everyday world behind them.



Christie CP2230, Christie CP4220

Les Cinémas Ciné Entreprises

A world of possibilities

Digital cinema was coming, replacing 35mm film completely. Conversion to digital was a must for the cinema industry. Les Cinémas Ciné Entreprise, Quebec’s leading independent movie chain with six cinemas and 44 screens under​​stood the situation and became an early adopter of digital cinema technology.

Their first digital cinema show was in February 2010 with a screening of “My Bloody Valentine” using a Christie® CP2230 projector.

While Raffaele Papalia, president and CEO of Les Cinémas Ciné Entreprise, immediately recognized the need to convert to digital cinema and the consequences of not making the move, even he was surprised by the many benefits and possibilities that digital cinema brought to his business.



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