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Quartier des spectacles

Projections and lighting add to the excitement of Montréal’s Quartier des spectacles.

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Quartier des spectacles

A virtual red carpet

Montréal’s Quartier des spectacles is the cultural hub of a vibrant city. In just one square mile, this neighborhood houses 80 percent of the city’s performance halls and more than 80 cultural venues. Since 2005, the Quartier des spectacles Partnership (the Partnership) has had an ultimate goal of revitalizing downtown Montréal’s entertainment district.

The first phase started with simple, pulsing red dots projected onto the sidewalk in front of a cultural center. The dots identify the venue as a place of interest. In 2008 there were only five venues identified by the red dots. Now 22 venues are marked with them. The response to the red dots was immediate and welcome. People identified the dots as “a virtual red carpet” highlighting where entertainment centers are.

The red dot projections, illuminated intersections, lit-up building features, and projection mapping on building facades are collectively known as the Luminous Pathway. It also features interactive light displays. Sometimes, during events, the display will simply interact with or through a visitor’s cell phone.

Images courtesy of Martine Doyon, Quartier des spectacles.



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