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Art comes to life at new gallery in Chongqing

July 23, 2021

Photos courtesy of Zhongqing Yingye Group

CHONGQING, China –  Christie® GS Series 1DLP® laser projectors have brought masterpieces of several renowned painters to life at a new art gallery that ingeniously integrates graphic arts with state-of-the-art visual technologies.

Known as ArTech Hub, this avant-garde gallery is situated within Ciqikou, an ancient town in Chongqing that was famous for producing and selling porcelain during the early years of the Qing Dynasty (1644—1912). It consists of a 2,000 square meter (21, 528 square feet) exhibition space, with more than 50 Christie DWU6322-GS and DWU1082-GS laser projectors – both models specifically developed for the Chinese market – fitted in various exhibition zones to deliver a uniquely immersive art viewing experience to visitors. The projectors were supplied, installed and commissioned by Christie’s trusted partner Zhongqing Yingye Group.

“ArTech Hub is a fascinating art gallery that is very different from conventional ones that we are accustomed to, due to its smart integration of projection technologies to offer visitors an exceptional and immersive viewing experience,” said Yueyi Wu, representative for East China, Zhongqing Yingye Group. “We are very pleased to be involved in this project and the Christie GS Series laser projector is our preferred choice because of its long-lasting laser light source, brilliant color, premium image quality, quiet operation and flexible installation capability.”

The client has chosen an unobtrusive design for the projectors’ installation works, which requires all units to be discreetly installed overhead so that they are almost invisible to guests. “Thanks to the GS Series’ compact footprint, ultra-quiet operation, high performance and reliability, our team was able to successfully complete this project on time and in accordance with the client’s requirements,” Wu added.

The projectors brilliantly displayed three-dimensional projections of classic works of 19th century artists during an ongoing art exhibition titled “Imprint of Time: Immersive Works of Master Painters”. They include signature artworks by Czech painter Alphonse Mucha, French impressionist Edgar Degas, French artist Jean-François Millet, Dutch post-impressionist Vincent van Gogh, Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky, French artist Henri Matisse, and French post-impressionist Georges Seurat.

April Qin, sales director for China, Enterprise, Christie, commented, “We are delighted to be part of this creative space where art meets technology to deliver unique and highly immersive exhibits to guests. The powerful and versatile Christie GS Series laser projectors used in this venue have transformed the visitor experience with this amazing showcase featuring highly vivid projections of masterpieces by renowned 19th century artists.”

Featuring laser illum​ination, the Christie GS Series eliminates the need for lamp and filter replacements, providing 20,000 hours of low-cost operation. Wireless connectivity, a small footprint, low-weight, quiet operation and a full suite of lenses makes the GS Series ideal for boardrooms, conference rooms, education, houses of worship and other similar venues.

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