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Holostage delivers advanced visualization for Japan's NILIM

October 10, 2021


TOKYO –  Christie® is pleased to announce that the National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management (NILIM), a research institute affiliated to Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT), has adopted the Christie HoloStage visualization solution.

Installed at NILIM’s Asahi office in Tsukuba, Ibaraki Prefecture, this multifaceted stereoscopic 4K virtual reality (VR) system supports the visualization of Construction Information Modeling Management (CIM) models for MLIT’s Digital Transformation initiative in the infrastructure field. The Christie HoloStage solution was supplied by Ushio Lighting Inc. while the entire simulation system was constructed by Japanese 3D and VR specialist FORUM8, which served as the prime contractor for this project.

The HoloStage solution’s visual component comprises four Christie Mirage 304K projectors displaying visuals on four surfaces (front, floor, right side and left side) each measuring 4.4 meters wide and 2.3 meters in height for a driving simulator. Stereoscopic images are delivered by FORUM8’s 3D real-time simulation software “UC-win/Road” in 4K UHD resolution, which provides deep immersion with a wide viewing angle. Users can fully immerse themselves in this VR space by wearing 3D glasses equipped with a motion tracking system.

NILIM’s Planning Section was seeking a 3D projection system that can work seamlessly with smart software in adapting to various BIM and CIM models to create realistic drive simulations and unmanned construction experiments in a virtual space. At the same time, it has to output video signals without any degradation in image quality. The Christie HoloStage solution meets their requirement and fully demonstrates the advantage of realistic simulation performance by recreating actual environmental conditions in the VR space. This negates the need for large-scale field experiments.

By visualizing CIM models stereoscopically such as structures and road traffic with VR using the Christie HoloStage solution, NILIM is now capable of conducting experiments related to the design, construction and maintenance of public infrastructure. It also enables the research institute to embark on technological development and verification in a highly realistic virtual environment.

Akikazu Dempoya, executive director, Enterprise Japan, Christie, commented, “We are delighted that NILIM has adopted the Christie HoloStage solution, a spatially-integrated immersive environment that promotes collaborative learning and teamwork. Equipped with stunning 4K resolution, stereoscopic 3D images, motion tracking and interactive capabilities, the Christie HoloStage delivers powerful performance, image quality, resolution and reliability that our customers can count on for advanced visualization applications.”

Christie’s immersive projection and display technologies empower users to visualize and interact with data in ways they may not have thought possible. These highly customizable solutions provide the flexibility to display high-resolution, high-contrast, color-accurate images across almost any surface to accurately interpret data or be immersed in a virtual environment.

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