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Odeon Multicines installs Christie RGB laser projector

July 08, 2019

MADRID - The Spanish exhibition chain Odeon Multicines has just reopened the Plaza de Armas multiplex in Seville, whose Screen 1 is now equipped with a Christie® RGB pure laser projector​ featuring CineLife electronics and RealLaser illumination. It is the first installation of its kind in Andalusia. In addition, all five screens in the newly refurbished complex, seating a total of 750 spectators, feature Christie Vive Audio.

The engineering and integration of the completely remodelled multiplex was undertaken by Ingevideo, a Christie partner, and installed by Equipo de Cine.

Plaza de Armas, located in a shopping mall in Seville, had closed after previous management failed to renew its contract once the period of its services had concluded.

Odeon Multicines reopened Plaza de Armas after reequipping it completely. “We changed all the screens, speakers, amplifiers and processors and introduced next-gen sound and image systems,” explained Luis Millán, owner of Odeon Multicines.

“The CP2320-RGB guarantees spectators unprecedented levels of brightness, color and contrast, and gives us incredible reliability with a low cost of ownership,” said Millán.

In addition, Plaza de Armas now boasts 86 units from the Christie Vive Audio range, including LA3S, LA4S and LA3C surround speakers and CDA3 and CDA5 Class D amplifiers.

“The Christie Vive Audio system has become the new standard in our cinema screens,” said Millán. “The speakers provide absolute sound fidelity and allow you to hear the tiniest detail. Furthermore, they offer completely uniform coverage across the whole theatre, meaning that every seat has the very best sound.”

Millán has extensive experience with Christie Vive Audio and also owns Odeon Sambil in Madrid. With 12 screens, 514 speakers and 217 amplifiers from the Christie Vive Audio series, it ranks as one of the most technologically advanced multiplexes in Europe.

Odeon Multicines continues to expand and currently manages 118 screens in 12 multiplexes located in 10 provinces in Spain. In 2018 it attracted over 2.6 million spectators.

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