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Queen Mary University

Queen Mary University installs Christie projectors

February 23, 2021

Photo credit: Clive Reygers, Reflex.

WOKINGHAM, U.K. -Reflex, Audio Visual Material (AVM), and Christie® have collaborated on one of the largest rear projection systems in Europe at Queen Mary University of London. Two Christie Crimson HD laser projectors have been installed for the 12m by 6m (39 ft x 19.5 ft) screen in The Great Hall, an 800-seat space in a wonderful 1930s art deco building.

Raj Dattani, senior technical design engineer at Reflex led the installation and chose to work again with AVM and Christie teams seven years after the initial installation. “We have gone from two 10K projectors, 4 lamps, and regular maintenance checks to triple the brightness and no maintenance with laser,” he said. Additionally, a switch to AV over IP distribution means just one cable to the projector, giving users and clients huge flexibility.

Queen Mary University is a leading Russel Group university, with more than 25,000 students wherethe hall is also rented to corporate clients. The university wanted to keep the same 3DLP® quality but with the maintenance advantages offered by laser projection technology.  

“The Christie Crimson HD31 projectors offer both,” said Mick Perrone, key account manager at AVM. “And with BoldColor Technology for rich and vibrant colours, they offer enhanced colour performance and saturation over standard laser phosphor projectors. Since there are no more lamps to change, we don’t need to schedule return visits to the site as they are virtually maintenance free. There were other features to consider such as having a comprehensive suite of lenses, being fully omnidirectional, and equipped with blend and warp software.”

The installation was challenging, partly due to the sheer size of the projection screen and the limitations of where we could actually position the projectors. “We wanted to make sure the whole screen was filled and make the most of it,” Perrone explained. “And while the specification of the projectors and lenses were appropriate on paper, the position of the installation pushed them right to their limits of their zoom and lens shift capability.  To ensure they worked correctly in situ, before getting design approval, AVM tested the products off site.  This was a crucial element that contributed to the success of the project.”

The relationship between the three AV companies goes back more than a decade, and Dattani was keen to continue with such a well-proven team. AVM supplied the complete display solution and carried out the pre-design acceptance tests. Visual Displays rebuilt the projection rigs - located at the rear of the stage - for the larger and more powerful projectors. The unusual circumstances of COVID-19 necessitated socially distanced surveys, design discussions, and installation.

Queen Mary University is very pleased with the results. Henrik Brogger, Head of IT Service Delivery, commented, “Thank you to the team at Reflex for helping make the upgrade of our prestigious space by far fit for the future! I can’t wait to see a lecture in the hall with that magnificent projection.”

Dattani added: ‘’The proof is always in the pudding as they say and this particular project was no exception, the results are there for all to see. Great effort all round!”

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