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The LCD ceiling mount* provides fast, simple and secure ceiling installation for all of the Christie projectors listed below.

It is equipped with finger tip adjustable pitch, roll and yaw.  Once the projector and mount have been adjusted for the application needs, the mount can be locked down using a single secure point to ensure that custom settings are maintained.  This ceiling mount also offers a quick release base to allow the projector and base plate to be disengaged from the mount for maintenance, and then re-attached without the need for realignment.

  • Optional security screws can be used at critical mounting points to provide a more secure installation 
  • Fine tune finger tip controls allow for precise tool free adjustments of projector mount
    - Pitch:  + 5°/- 15°
    - Roll: +/- 5°
    - Yaw: +/- 20°
  • Weight Capacity: 65.0 lbs (29.5kg)
  • Height: 4.05” (102.87mm)  (not including the mounting rod height)
  • Can be connected to standard size projector mounting rod (rod not included)
  • Dedicated base plate for secure fit with the projector

For more information regarding the installation or the use of this ceiling mount, please contact your Christie representative.

*Available in white only