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Christie Pandoras Box ID Tags
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Christie Pandoras Box® ID Tags are real-time tracking devices for interactive projections, camera automation, audio tracking, stage tracking, and lighting controls.

Using an optical transmission system, ID Tags are more effective than traditional radio-based control setups.

Each tag can be addressed with a unique ID, and users can track up to 256 unique IDs within a single setup in real-time!

ID Tags are available in two versions:

  • Coin-sized ID Tags - can be attached to set pieces, costumes, or any other part of a tracking setup.
  • QUAD ID Tags - a beltpack that contains four individual, portable LEDs to be attached to speakers, scenic props, and elements.

When used with Pandoras Box Widget Designer Software, users can create the control setup and set individual setting and lighting modes.



  • Approx. 1 x 1" (26 x 26 mm)


  • 10g (without battery)

Battery life

  • Up to 10 hours with button cells.
  • Users can use a micro-USB port to connect additional power sources and configuration.

Maximum number of unique IDs

  • 256

Available mode configurations with unique IDs

  • 256, 128, 64, 32, 16, 8, 4
  • Modes with less IDs have faster detection times.

The minimum number of tracking cameras needed for tracking setup:

  • one camera for 2D setup, three cameras for 3D setup.

*Please consult with Christie before specifying camera type.


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