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Christie Pandoras Box NET Link
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Connect Widget Designer with remote sensors and devices via network

The Christie Pandoras Box® NET Link product family makes it possible to convert a great number of external inputs into network data. You can equip each NET Link unit with up to 2 modules that can be freely configured.

Flexible connections to meet your needs

NET Link enables the connection between switching relays, sensor input and output, and Widget Designer control software. We designed NET Link with the flexibility to be equipped and configured in many ways to meet your specific project needs.

Possible product applications:

You can use NET Link products to read industrial sensor data for screen tracking scenarios or to know an objects position in general.NET Link can detect triggers, such as buzzers or flip switches, read voltage values for various interactive installations, and switch relays to trigger external devices.

One of the most innovative product applications is to use the Calibration fiber input module as an ingenious, marker-based calibration device to measure projected images. It’s a reliable and easy way to re-calibrate images when projectors move. You can use NET Link to set up fixed installations involving projections in a way that allows for exceptionally easy on-the-fly calibration that can be operated even by non-specialists.

Whether inside a theatre, a modern museum, or as part of a cruise ship’s immersive entertainment world, installations featuring NET Link can be both cost effective and easy to maintain on a 24/7 basis.

Available modules

Analog input modules:

  • Calibration fiber input
  • 0-5V input
  • 0-5V sensor input
  • 0-10V input

Digital input modules:

  • 12V relay input
  • 24V relay input
  • Encoder input

Digital output modules:

  • 48V, 4A relay output



  • W x H x D: 172mm x 85mm x 121mm (6.7” x 3.3” x 4.8”)


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