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LS1S line source surround loudspeaker
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Employing the same ribbon driver technology present in our screen channel ​loudspeakers, Christie's line source surround loudspeakers feature a unique integrated waveguide design to provide enhanced clarity, and reduced distortion. In addition, the inclusion of the ribbon driver provides ultra-fast transient response. Our line array surround loudspeakers offer the same benefits while also providing perfect timbre matching and extremely uniform coverage for seamless listening experience throughout the auditorium.

Note: Safety cables are recommended any time a loudspeaker will be positioned overhead in an auditorium.​


  • Unique integrated waveguide design for very wide, controlled dispersion patterns
  • ​Ribbon driver and paper/Kevlar composite cone drivers
  • Dramatically higher RMS to​ peak max SPL ratio than compression driver systems
  • Ideal for use as surround channel loudspeaker, with or without bass management
  • Heavy duty marine grade plywood cabinet with integrated mounting points

No listening fatigue

Extended listening comfort throughout the movie

Ribbon Driver

10x less distortion than competing drivers with better auditorium coverage

Speech clarity

Hear every detail of the dialogue


System type

  • Two-way, passive, ported enclosure

Driver components

  • HF: 3.5" ribbon driver with Kapton® diaphragm and Neodymium magnets
  • LF: 8" paper/Kevlar composite cone driver with 40mm diameter voice coil


  • 2-way, passive @ 2.3kHz

Frequency response*

  • 70Hz-20kHz @ -6dB

Maximum SPL**

  • 114dB continuous, 126dB peak

System coverage***

  • 100° horizontal dispersion
  • 50° vertical dispersion

*Measured at 2m on tweeter axis in simulated free field conditions. Near field measurements were used for low-frequency data.  Sensitivity is calculated based on measured SPL response averaged in 200Hz-5kHz range.

**IEC refers to IEC 60268-5 standard. Max SPL calculated based on sensitivity and power handling. IEC short-term power tested  using IEC pink noise with 9dB crest factor. The crest factor was specifically increased to reflect real-life parameters of digital cinema sound tracks. Maximum peak SPL calculated using peak voltage during IEC short-term power test. Continuous power handling  tested using IEC60268-1 noise signal for duration of 2 hours.

***Averaged in 500Hz-12kHz range, at -6dB.



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