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Christie CP2406-RBe 2K laser projector
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Upgrade your small-screen cinema to the Christie CineLife+™ CP2406-RBe DCI-compliant projector for enhanced laser phosphor illumination. Our new CineLife+2K™ electronics are designed specifically for 2K projectors. The CP2406-RBe delivers brilliant on-screen images and longer operational life in an economical projection platform with an easy-to-use interface. It’s where performance meets affordability.

Experience the brilliance of Phazer

Equipped with Phazer™, our highly efficient laser phosphor light source, the CP2406-RBe provides enhanced image performance for smaller, high-gain screens. The sealed light source protects against dust and other particulates for low-maintenance operation and DCI-brightness for 50,000 hours.

All the convenience of advanced cinema electronics for 2K projection

Enjoy quick and easy setup thanks to the auto-configure features, the projector’s motorized lens mount, and the integrated electronic color convergence (ECC) function for perfect color alignment.

The CineLife+2K electronics UX-inspired interface makes operation easy. It’s tightly integrated with our CineLife+ IMB-S4 and compatible with select third-party IMBs. When you aren’t showing feature presentations, put your RBe projector into Hibernate mode for a ultra-low-power standby. You can use the CineLife+ Remote UI to securely control the projector via the web on all popular browsers, which eliminates the need for a touch panel controller.

Efficiency and cost of operation

The CP2406-RBe is 292% more efficient than comparable Xenon models, producing 9.8 lumens per watt. Lower energy costs reduce the total cost of ownership by 75%. 

9.8% more efficient than competing model in its class

Efficiency shown as percentage: 292% more efficient than competing Xenon models in its class

25% lower cost of operation on average than highest efficiency competitive model

Cost shown as percentage: 75% lower cost of operation on average than Xenon competitive models in its class

Key features

  • Backwards compatibility works with existing Christie accessories and lenses 
  • Easy to operate UX-inspired interface for playback, scheduling, and content management 
  • Affordable performance eliminate lamp costs and enjoy higher optical efficiency from laser diodes 
  • Ultra-low-power standby consumes less than 3W of power in Hibernate mode 
  • Long-lasting light source delivers stable light output and consistent colors for 50,000 hours with low-maintenance operation 
  • Enhanced wavelength diversity (EWD) uses additional primary-color lasers to improve image performance on high-gain screens 
  • More than twice the efficiency of a comparable Xenon projector Up to 9.8lm/W


Up to 6,000 DCI lumens*


2000:1 full field on/off

Contrast ratio


Color gamut / number of colors

0.69" S2K 3-chip DMD DLP Cinema®

Digital micromirror device

2048 x 1080 (2K)​

DMD DLP Cinema®

2K (2048 x 1080)


* Subject to variables specific to each installation (<25°C ambient). Please see Christie‘s laser best practices guide for more information.
** Supports Christie IMB-S4 and legacy Series 2 IMBs. A list of supported versions is available upon request.
*** Specific operating conditions may apply.
**** Typical power consumption. May be impacted by environmental conditions. Subject to change.