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Pandoras Box Menu
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Do it all with Pandoras Box Menu

It’s free! Pandoras Box® Menu is our quick launch app that works seamlessly with the Pandoras Box product suite. It offers quick access to the most relevant applications and network or graphics card settings and connects you to everything you need, including:

  • Pandoras Box
  • Widget Designer
  • Server management app
  • Custom apps
  • Settings
  • File browser
  • Network devices and graphics cards—through direct links

Key features

  • Highly accessible – open the most relevant apps, file browser, and system settings with a click
  • Helps you manage servers – provides a user interface to all remote install features and a workspace to monitor information from several hardware systems in the network
  • Remote installation – you can use it to install multiple software on several systems at the same time
  • Remote access and functionality – dive into the system right away and remote control it with the built-in virtual network computing (VNC) capabilities, and remotely adapt software settings on multiple machines simultaneously
  • Dashboard capabilities – create your own dashboard and sort Pandoras Box hardware based on its location in a physical space, or by active/backup machines on a live show
  • Automatic launch capability – in fixed-installs or in installations with scheduled/timed processes
  • Easily monitors system information – including IP addresses, hard drive space, and display resolutions
  • Completes tasks quickly – using natively implemented batch features
  • Manages errors efficiently – displays errors and critical info directly on the dashboard, and displays additional details in a corresponding table
  • Helps manage faulty systems – easily track down a faulty system or sort items by IP ranges and revert to previous versions on multiple machines

Ready to put Pandoras Box Menu to work? Download the free app now.



What is Pandoras Box Menu?


What is Pandoras Box Menu?

What is Pandoras Box media server?


What is Pandoras Box?

What is Widget Designer?


What is Pandoras Box Widget Designer?



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