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Video Mapping Festival

Lille, France

Photo credit: Video Mapping Festival

Video Mapping Festival 2024

Lille, France

March 26 - April 6, 2024
The 2024 Video Mapping Festival showcases spectacular video mapping in all its forms during the opening tour in Lille.

Experience the spectacle of projection mapping 

The spectacle. The wonder. The amazement. Behind it all, you’ll find complete Christie® AV solutions. Experience it for yourself at the 2024 Video Mapping Festival in Lille, France.

You’ll see our projection mapping solutions in action as you tour through the city center. You can also connect with our team at the Image Beyond the Screen International Conference (IBSIC). We can’t wait to see you there! 

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Experience connections

Olivier Collet headshot

Oliver Collet
Senior sales manager

Want to know what’s new at Christie? Olivier looks forward to meeting with you! He can answer your questions about our products and solutions and show you how we can help you create your next project. 

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Jerome Grimminck headshot

Jerome Grimminck
Technical sales manager

Looking for content management solutions for your next project? Jerome can show you what’s new and answer your questions about Christie Pandoras Box® Software, Widget Designer, and more.

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Dave Thompson

Dave Thompson
Field application technician

Have technical questions about Christie products? Dave has the answers! He’ll be on hand in Lille to support artists and answer your questions about the installation, repair, and maintenance of our products.

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Experience creativity in Lille

From the jaw-dropping works of students to established artists to connections at IBSIC, see how you can experience Christie solutions at the Video Mapping Festival. 

Changing the face of monuments

Experience the transformation of the façade of Notre-Dame de la Treille Cathedral in three different creations using Christie Griffyn® 4K50-RGB pure laser projection. 

The cathedral will light up with:

  • “Curtains” by Julian Hölscher with sound by Thomas Werner
  • “L’ivre d’Images” by  Sylvain Pouillart and Jean-Jacques Tachdjian with original music by Géraldine Kwik
  • “ODA” directed by Joan Nieto Paulo (V.P.M) with animations by Javier Cañal Sanchez (V.P.M) and original music from Jhon Christian Cardenas of Sonic Arts.
A colorful image projected onto the facade of a church

Photo credit: The Video Mapping Festival

A pattern of yellow, green and blue projected onto the Crédit Mutuel Nord Europe building

Photo credit: The Video Mapping Festival

The future of video mapping is here

See the work of 30 international students at Crédit Mutuel Nord Europe as they use Pandoras Box and Griffyn 4K35-RGB pure laser projectors to interpret the theme of “Dreams and Nightmares .” 

Video Mapping Awards   
April 6, 2024
Gare Saint Sauveur, Lille

We’re proud to help celebrate the next generation of talent and artistry behind projection mapping as a sponsor of the Video Mapping Awards. 

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5 people standing together in front of a screen

Photo credit: The Video Mapping Festival

Three men standing together in front of a table and Pandoras Box advertising

Photo credit: The Video Mapping Festival

IBSIC Conference
April 4-6, 2024

Connect with some of the greatest names in the field at IBSIC. 

Our team will be there to show you real-time demos of Pandoras Box Software on April 4 and 5 at Wallers-Arenberg. We’ll also host a networking event at L’hybride at 9:00 p.m. on April 4.

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Discover the smart tech behind unforgettable experiences

Experience the possibilities

Computer monitor showing Pandoras Box Version 8 software

Experience the creative control of our latest version of Pandoras Box Software with a hands-on projection mapping demo with our team at IBSIC

Powerful tools for powerful experiences 

Download our latest brochure to discover projection solutions that are designed to work together seamlessly so you can impress, inspire, and immerse your audiences – day after day, visit after visit, show after show.

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