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Let’s get back to the movies!

April 05, 2022

After being offline for a year, the Gregg Theater in Sedan, Kansas, was making plans to re-open when the unthinkable almost happened for this volunteer-run, community hub: their equipment had been shut down for too long and they faced the very real possibility that their theatre could be closed for good. But thanks to Christie®, the show will go on for this 84-year-old theatre.

How Christie is helping theatres re-open

To help the Gregg re-open, Christie Professional Services replaced their IMB board, allowing the small theatre to stay open. The Gregg is just one example of how this team helps exhibitors, both large and small. Since powering down for long periods of time isn't something most theatres ever need to do, Professional Services created guides on how to take care of cinema equipment during shut-downs and re-openings. They also created programs like the cinema tune-up and an equipment swap program that lets theatres get credit to offset the costs of purchasing new.

Christie's commitment to cinema and making the best shared experiences possible is how they're able to help the Gregg Theater–and other theatres across the globe–re-open their doors, upgrade their equipment, and welcome us all back for a return to cinema.

How are they doing this? Let's grab some popcorn and find out.

The latest projection technology, without the upfront cost

One way Christie cinema projectors help cinemas offset costs is through Rental Mode. Many exhibitors regularly plan to upgrade their equipment, but with recent closures and reduced viewership, budgets are a much more prominent piece of that decision. Rental Mode offers the opportunity to outfit theatres with the most up-to-date cinema experience while allowing exhibitors to stay within their budget.

With Rental Mode, exhibitors can affordably step into a new world of color and contrast with the Christie Real|Laser™ illumination technology found in the latest projectors. It's a chance to try the newest technology found in the Christie CineLife+™ Series. The best part is exhibitors can engage their audience in ways never before seen while setting the terms that work for them, without worrying about long-term wear and tear, maintenance costs, or the upfront investment required for RGB pure laser projection.

Bring audiences back with premium projection technology

Sure, your couch is comfy, but audiences and exhibitors know you just can't get a premium cinema experience at home. That's why when Phoenix Theatres decided to renovate and reopen the Woodland Mall theatre in Grand Rapids, Michigan, they chose Christie 4K projection as part of the enhanced experience they plan to offer in all 14 auditoriums. When they open later in 2022, it's not just luxury seats and great sound that audiences are returning for: it's so they can be wowed by the highest quality image and brightness when they go to the movies.

Premium projection, whether through purchase or rental, is something exceptional cinemas can offer audiences–and that investment in the movie-going experience is part of what brings people back in person. For example, the CineLife+ Series makes technology built for premium large-format (PLF) cinemas available for mainstream applications. This gives theatres the ability to project the cutting edge of cinema excellence including the possibility of 3D 120fps in 4K, electronic color convergence for perfect screen alignment, and Remote UI that allows you to use your web browser to access the interface and set your showtimes from anywhere.

Lamp and laser

Did you know that Christie has the most comprehensive family of both Xenon and RGB laser cinema projectors? So, no matter how you choose to light your cinema, Christie has everything you need to ensure your projectors are ready for showtime.

For those who want an upfront budget-friendly option, Xenon illumination is a light that won't go out anytime soon thanks to Christie's advancements in R&D. It's additional efforts like these that help preserve the value of Series 1 and Series 2 projectors until theatres are ready to upgrade to laser.

A trusted cinema partner ready to support you

Cinema screens have been dark for too long, and it's time to get back to the movies once again. Whether it's a large multiplex chain like Phoenix Theatres or a smaller, independent cinema like the Gregg Theater, you can count on Christie as a trusted partner to make sure your theatre is ready for every opening weekend to come.

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