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Christie adds 0.44 millimeter flat panels to lineup

November 18, 2019


Christie extends its flat panel LCD lineup with 0.44 millimeter bezel tileable 55 and 98-inch 500-nit professional display

New TAA-compliant models deliver superior performance for control rooms and corporate applications

CYPRESS, Calif. – With their0.44mm/combined 0.88 mm extreme narrow bezel, TAA-compliance, and 4K at 60Hz delivery, the two new Christie® 55-inch Extreme Series flat panels deliver a powerful punch for military and government installations, utility and other mission-critical  control rooms, and visualization labs requiring the latest intelligent design electronics,  advanced performance, and video wall optimization. The flagship of Christie’s Extreme Series, the FHD554-XZ-H and its HR sibling are equipped with HDMI 2.0, HDCP 2.2 connectivity, and an OPS slot to accept a variety of processing modules including Christie® Phoenix® EP for a complete solution package.

“The new FHD554-XZ-H/HR models feature Christie’s latest generation of tiled LCD technology featuring the next evolution of combined bezel to date and a platform that further improves the performance of our tiled LCD solutions,” said John Dixon, senior product manager, Christie.

“Besides the improvement in the display platform and bezel, there are also improvements in optical properties and mechanical robustness. For customers looking for the most seamless looking tiled LCD, these two models are the best you can achieve in a video wall. We envision that our customers in the control room and digital signage markets are going realize and appreciate just how small the bezel is.”

The FHD554-XZ-HR is Christie’s remote power model that provides improved reliability while delivering mission-critical uptime and redundancy capabilities. For customers wanting an ultra-slim profile for their video wall, the FHD554-XZ-H/HR combined with Christie’s ML25 mount can deliver a total depth of less than four inches, complying with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

“The electronic platform is Christie’s latest which delivers outstanding video wall performance, flexibility in content, and installation and service features that make it easier to deploy LCD video walls,” added Dixon. “Customers require a seamless look with tiled LCD video walls and a key component of making it look seamless is to match the brightness and color of each of the displays in the video wall. Our advanced factory calibration eases the installation and calibration of the LCD video wall by tuning the displays brightness, color temperature, and colors.”

Christie welcomes TAA-compliant SUHD983-P flat panel to Secure Series family

Part of Christie’s Secure Series, the new 98-inch flat panel can be installed in either portrait or landscape mode and is equipped with advanced input connectivity supporting up to 8K. Four separate content-filled windows can be displayed simultaneously, making it idea for collaboration rooms and visualization labs where multi-view, no-compromise visuals are critical. It is also ideal for environments with secure video transmission requirements.

“Christie has also future proofed the panel with the latest of input connectivity so as source devices improve, the SUHD983-P will be capable of optimizing content,” added Dixon.

Built into the Christie SUHD983-P is multi-source viewing and scaling, eliminating the need for an external processor in the most common use cases.

“When it comes to image processing solutions, there is a wide variety of performance requirements and capabilities necessary to meet the varying needs of our customers. Our processing solutions like Spyder and Phoenix are great examples of Christie’s capabilities to tailor the processing for the particular application requirements,” explained Dixon. “With the built-in capabilities that we are delivering with the SUHD983-P, customers looking to do basic scaling and multi-source viewing can deliver the same functionality as other more basic external image processors.”

Both 55-inch tiled panels and the 98-inch SUHD983-P ship in January 2020 with a three-year parts and labor warranty, backed by Christie’s renowned customer service.

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