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Christie laser projection table mapping in Madrid

January 31, 2019

BMotion creates customized dining and entertainment experience at Espacio Harley

MADRID - The BMotion AV services company is using Christie® laser projectors to breathe life into WeMapping, a new audiovisual experience that is reinvigorating the events sector in Madrid in a seamless combination of technology and gastronomy.

The experience is currently being developed at Espacio Harley, a popular spot for staging all kinds of events in Madrid, just a stone’s throw from the Las Ventas bullring. In it, guests are offered a truly sensorial spectacle in a new concept called table mapping.

With table mapping you can project any kind of 3D images onto a table, changing colors and bringing the food, the dishes and the very table itself to life. WeMapping has put together a visual show based on different themes that enhance the actual gastronomic experience for a maximum of 200 guests.

The contents, developed by BMotion, can be adapted to meet the individual needs and requirements of each specific event and brand, depending on the number of guests, the available time and the format.

WeMapping​ is made possible thanks to 22 Christie DWU850-GS 1DLP® laser projectors (7500 lumens ANSI, WUXGA resolution) which are arranged vertically on truss structures on the ceiling of Espacio Harley, and supplied by Charmex​.

Alejandro Trujillano, head of BMotion’s production team, explained why they chose Christie for WeMapping: “BMotion has been working with Christie for years; largely because of the reliability of its equipment and the excellent back-up support they guarantee us.”

He went on to add that “the laser projectors in Christie GS Series give the impression that they are more powerful than their lamp-based counterparts with the same brightness. On top of that, because they are lampless, the maintenance is so much simpler. We also like the peace of mind of working with laser technology in highly demanding events that require lots of projectors operating at the same time.”

Trujillano also underscored the aesthetics and form factor of the equipment: “they are light-weight and compact, and their sleek design makes them the best option when you want them to be in a discreet second-place.”

“Another thing in their favor is the built-in warping and blending functions, which is something you will always need in complex applications,” he continued. “And of course there is the enhanced color and saturation.” In this regard, the GS Series comes with Christie BoldColor, a Christie patented technology which ensures intense and realist images with high levels of brightness.

WeMapping was dreamed up by three companies — MICE Catering, Espacio Harley and BMotion — keen to create an exciting, innovative, and dynamic idea offering a totally different experience for corporate events.

In this space for hosting events, BMotion is the technology partner commissioned to look after all the audiovisual aspects of the project, including the design, installation and running of the equipment, as well as the development of the unique videomapping contents by its Digital Design department, customizing them each time for the individual occasion.

WeMapping is currently generating a buzz in the events industry in Spain: “We have managed to surprise our high demanding target clients, giving them an unforgettable original experience that arouses a lot of emotions and stimuli for the senses,” concluded Alejandro Trujillano.

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