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Christie delivers mesmerizing visuals

Crimson and HS series laser projectors illuminate cultural performance

Mesmerizing visuals elevate real-life scenery performance

April 01, 2021

Photos courtesy of Zhongqing Yingye Group

WUYUAN, China –  Christie® 1DLP® and 3DLP® laser projectors are delivering mesmerizing visuals that accentuate the storytelling process for a large-scale, real-life scenery performance in Jiangxi province that celebrates traditional Huizhou culture.

Titled “Dreaming in Hometown”, it combines live performers, elaborate stage design, state-of-the-art projection and audio effects, as well as breathtaking background scenery to create the world’s first audio-visual feast that highlights traditional Chinese village culture as depicted in ancient poetry. The 70-minute nighttime extravaganza also showcases the history and culture of Huizhou people, which integrates Confucianism, clan culture, and mercantilism into their lifestyles. The show was so well-received that the scale of the production was increased to deliver a larger spectacle. On March 12, the enhanced version of “Dreaming in Hometown” made its official debut in the picturesque Wuyuan County. 

Projections for the original performance were accomplished using two high-brightness Christie 3DLP® projectors. For the enhanced version, two Christie Crimson WU31 3DLP® laser projectors and four Christie DWU2022-HS 1DLP® laser projectors were added, boosting the total number of projectors used to eight. The six new laser projectors were installed and commissioned by Zhongqing Yingye Group, which was also responsible for the projection systems design of the show, which seamlessly integrates culture, art and technology.

A spokesperson for Zhongqing Yingye Group said, “‘Dreaming in Hometown’ is the largest and most ambitious real-life scenery performance to be executed in Jiangxi province, and we’re honored to be involved in the projection component of this show. After taking into account the projection distance, ambient light and other environmental factors onsite, the Christie Crimson WU31 and DWU2022-HS laser projectors were selected for displaying visuals on a massive projection canvas on stage measuring 40 meters (131 feet) wide and 13 meters (43 feet) high. The customer’s decision to deploy another six Christie laser projectors in addition to the two existing Christie projectors speaks volumes about the trust they have in Christie’s products.”

To ensure high quality visuals and stability for the entire performance, all six projectors were installed within an elevated, sheltered platform behind the seating area. Strategically positioned to display optimum visuals, the true-to-life projections augmented the live performances and reinforced the storytelling process, said the spokesperson, adding that highly realistic images are displayed on various architectural props that form the backdrop on the main stage.

“Additionally, we also projected imagery on movable devices on stage, such as a mobile screen that brilliantly transforms the background into a large projection canvas where beautifully rendered content is synchronized with the movements of more than 200 live performers to deliver maximum visual impact.”

Christie’s proprietary BoldColor Technology, which is included in the Crimson WU31 and DWU2022-HS projectors, has also ensured excellent image quality and accurate color reproduction of displayed content throughout the performance. “From the high-brightness credentials of the projection systems to superior visuals, quiet operation and reliable performance, the Crimson and HS Series laser projectors have excelled on all fronts to deliver a fantastic viewing experience for all guests,” the spokesperson added.

April Qin, sales director for China, Enterprise, Christie, commented, “‘Dreaming in Hometown’ is a meticulously choreographed large-scale extravaganza that features stunning projections and beautiful real-life scenery to celebrate Huizhou culture. We are thrilled that Zhongqing Yingye Group has completed this project with finesse using our tried-and-tested Crimson and HS Series laser projectors, which are the go-to projection systems for large venues and staging events due to their excellent track record in terms of performance, reliability and service support.”

Christie’s line-up of laser projectors come in a range of resolutions, and offer exceptional image quality, brightness, versatility, and ease-of-use. They are the trusted choice for numerous cultural, entertainment, and tourism projects across China, including the Yellow River Tower light show in Lanzhou, Five Senses Bubble dome theatre in Xiong’an New Area, and “Revelry of the Blooming Hibiscus” cultural show in Furong Ancient Town.

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